Hooters Is Definitely NOT Closing Down Because Millennials Don’t Like Boobs Anymore

Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday, the world was shaken to its core by one simple tweet that spoke volumes….

And as you could imagine, the Twitter world went nuts, and why wouldn’t they? Hooters is an American staple that is known for their incredibly good… wings.

Not to mention, where would John Daly go and hangout during Masters week (or any day of the week now that I think of it), and who would sponsor his son?

And who in the world said millennials weren’t into “boobs?”

It sounded like a bunch of rubbish, and there was never any confirmation from Hooters that this was actually happening.

So, we’re here to set the record straight. Hooters is not closing.

The original question popped up in a 2017 Complex article, after PornHub shared the data that millennials were 19% less likely to search for boobs compared to other age groups.

Complex at the time also took in mind Hooter’s renovations on the inside of their restaurants, along with their 2012 spinoff chain “Hoots,” which was an attempt to grab the attention of millennials.

With that being said, Stephen Brown, a spokesperson for the company, told the Associated Press that these claims have “no validity,” and assured the outlet that Hooters was “here to stay.”

However, it’s easy to see that the restaurant doesn’t have the same momentum that it used to. As we approach its 40th anniversary in 2023, the chain has gone from 430 restaurants at its peak, to only 312 as of this year.

Nevertheless, if that tweet nearly gave you a heart attack, you can finally breathe once again.

And if Hooters ever was in trouble, we can count on John Daly to step in and at least buy a few to keep the lights on.

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