Leopard Makes Short Work Of Dragging A Deer Up A Tree


Easy peasy…

It’s just hard to believe the physical abilities of some of these animals that are out there. I mean, a fella can hardly drag a deer a couple hundred yards on flat ground and this thing is out here just jumping up into a tree like it’s nothing.

Jaguars are an amazing animal. Their fur coat is a beautiful range of dots everywhere, and much like a thumbprint, is unique to each animal. Like all members of the panther genus they are absolute killers, even though at about 170 pounds on average, they are much smaller than lions, tigers, jaguars, and even mountain lions.

These cats can run up to 40 miles per hour, using jolts of speed to their advantage for hunting. They can also jump 10 feet into the air or 20 feet across land. Their legs are the power that keep them alive.

This video shows the true power behind them though.

A leopard is seen carrying its fresh kill approaching a tree. As a crowd of tourists watches the animal it decides to find safety in the tree.

But, it’s bringing its meal with him. The leopard jumps up into the tree using only its mouth to hold its meal. The cat climbs high up in a matter of seconds and starts feasting away.

Pure strength and power.

This is one baaaad animal.

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