Wisconsin Walmart Employee Has To Put The Clamps On Rogue Deer That Made Its Way Into The Store

Walmart deer

Wherever you live, your local Walmart is likely one of the most magical places on Earth.

You never know who or what you’re going to see (or smell) once you get inside that place.

Seriously, it’s definitely the most diverse place in town, as it may be the only store you can find a millionaire and a meth head in the same store.

I mean, there is even an entire website dedicated to showcasing the fascinating People of Walmart.

Walmart has also provided us with some of the best (or worst) fight videos of all time, like these shop floor brawls in ColoradoFloridaand British Columbia

Then there are the other entertaining antics from Walmart customers, like the lady who got banned for driving around an electric scooter while drinking wine from a Pringles can, or the mother and son duo who got arrested for karate kicking a cop car and stripping naked while their dog stole cornbread.

Walmart also launched the career of young country music singer and yodeling superstar Mason Ramsey.

This story isn’t about any of that stuff though, but it’s not the first crazy Walmart story that involves a deer though.

The deer in this story found its way into a Baraboo, Wisconsin Wal-Mart a few years ago, and the video is going viral once again. There are not a lot of details to supplement the video footage which was captured by a customer.

In the video, a female Walmart employee is seen pinning a live deer to the floor like a good old fashioned wrestling match. The deer is squirming vigorously and trying to escape, and making some horrible noises while doing so.

“A deer that made its way into a Walmart in Baraboo, Wisconsin, was tackled and pinned to the floor of the store by an intrepid employee, footage shows.

The employee managed to pin the doe to the floor until other workers opened the back doors of the store. The deer was then released and “safely” exited the building, according to local media.

This video was recorded by Rebecca Pickel, who said it was taken on June 23. Management at the Baraboo Walmart declined to comment on the incident when contacted. “

Never a dull moment…

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