Trio Of Absolutely Massive Bull Moose Spotted Locking Antlers On A Colorado Front Lawn


That’s not something you see every day.

Especially right out on your front lawn.

It’s cool enough being able to look outside and see a moose in your yard let alone three massive bulls that are all sparring.

Moose are a massive animal, with bulls weighing up to 1,500 pounds and sporting huge antlers that can be up to 30 pounds in extra weight on their heads.

These massive paddle shaped antlers are used to show dominance. As a bull grows older and to their most healthy and mature form their antlers and body grow large. This gives them ability to win sparring battles for breeding rights as well as intimidate young bulls to steer clear during the rut.

These bulls are a sight to see, but seeing them together and fighting is a whole other spectacle.

Three massive bulls are seen standing around on someone’s front lawn as cars pass by near Breckenridge, Colorado.

Two of them start to push back and forth and then the other joins in and push one of them.

They all sport massive antlers showing they are mature moose.

The fights seem more playful then anything as a real rut fight would be much more intense. But, its still amazing to see three animals of this caliber together and doing this.

Check it out:

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