George Jones Learned The Hard Way Why You Should Nail Down Your Bus Furniture: “Everything In There Came Crashing Up Front”

George Jones bus

Ol’ Possum, the man was a wild one.

We all know George Jones as one of the most polarizing, and greatest country artists to ever walk the planet.

Not only was the guy one of the most talented artists in country music, the guy also had a wild streak that can’t go unnoticed, as he suffered from several years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Although that part of his life was well-documented, and has been thus far in the new Showtime docuseries George & Tammy, starring Michael Shannon as George and Jessica Chastain as Tammy Wynette, what many people may not know is that the guy was actually a very organized and particular guy when he was sober.

Hell, legend has it that he would use a whole can of hair spray on his hair whenever he went out in public or before a show, and it would be so stiff that not a single hair would move an inch.

But speaking of his organization, a few of his bandmates and crew told the story of George and Tammy’s partnership with Badcock Furniture back in the day, on Mike Judge’s Tales from the Tour Bus.

Story goes, George decided to use the furniture he received for free to decorate the tour bus.

Everybody from the crew agreed that the inside looked immaculate, as it was filled with beautiful furniture, pictures, and there was shag carpet everywhere.

However, there was one issue…

Nothing was nailed to the walls or floor of the tour bus.

Yeah, you could see how that could be problematic.

One of his bandmates recalled a time where they were on the bus, riding up a mountainous road:

“So consequently, we were coming around a curve and the driver couldn’t drive to begin with. He rattled off of a mountain, and everything in there came crashing up to the front.

George got hit, chest bone got cracked. I got a bedrail upside my head, and we couldn’t hardly get out ’cause it was sitting on its nose.”

Now I don’t know the interior design of the rest of George’s tour buses, but I can imagine everything else was nailed down to the floor after that scare.

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A beer bottle on a dock