Watch These Dolphins Smash Into A Giant School Of Salmon


So satisfying…

Nature is a harsh, but very beautiful, place.

One species hunting another can be a beautiful work of art.

No matter the setting, in the woods or out on the water, encountering wildlife and being able to watch them do their thing is always an incredible experience. Unless, you know… it’s you they’re hunting.

Salmon are a fish loved by many. Fun to catch, fun to eat… their great taste and large size make them perfect for a meal. And it’s not just our dinner tables… other predators love them too.

Where salmon reside, many times it is in large numbers. They are schooling fish while in the ocean, and require specific habitat when they’re not.

A dolphin is a very smart creature, one of the smartest in the world. They are pure hunters though. They use their speed and intelligence to attack and successfully feed themselves.

A drone captures a great video of a large school of salmon along an ocean coastline. As it watches the salmon you notice a different creature come swimming towards them.

A trio of dolphins hit the large group as the salmon scatter.

The large school moves in synchrony as they try to avoid being the next meal.

The pure chaos of the salmon trying to survive seems so natural and perfect.

I’m sure the dolphins had a good meal on that day.

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