Moose Gets Absolutely Rocked By Police Car, Flips Over, & Walks Away Like Nothing Happened

Police car hits moose

That one had to hurt…

The poor moose just slapped against the pavement.

Hitting a moose can happen pretty easily in many areas. Night time is the most dangerous when there’s a possibility of hitting one of these massive creatures that are the same color as the night.

Easily the most dangerous animal you can hit with your vehicle, a moose can weigh up to 1,500 pounds standing 6 feet high at the shoulder. And aside from the sheer size, for many vehicles, when you hit one it’s straight into the legs, which then sends the body of the moose right into your windshield.

Unfortunately, collisions usually results in a dead moose, a totaled car, and perhaps a severely injured driver.

Every once in while there’s a vehicle that is traveling fast enough to hit their long legs and send them over the cab of the car.

This moose is seen trotting out onto the road between traffic that is stopped. The outside lane is free and clear as it goes out into it.

Just as it get to the middle of the road, a police car absolutely rocks the moose. The moose literally does a 360-degree flip after it gets nailed by the side of the car.

The car is definitely damaged but when the moose hits the ground it is almost immediately hops back to its feet and walks away as if it is all okay.

I’m sure the moose had some injuries but it’s a miracle it got up after something like that.

Watch out for these massive animals.

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