Guy Throws Boiling Water Into The Cold Air, Burns Himself Like An Idiot

Throwing boiling water

Stupid people chasing stupid trends.

Historic lows swept the nation this past holiday season, with sub-zero temperatures spreading far and wide across the country. I was a white and freezing cold Christmas, indeed.

People in Siberia, who are more than used to these apocalyptic temperature, are always making these cool videos where they throw boiling water into their -50 degree weather and watching it puff into a cloud of steam.

It’s pretty cool… once.

We get one Bomb Cyclone sweeping the nation and all of the sudden Brad over here in Ohio… or wherever, gets the bright idea that he’s going to do the same thing.

Shoot a cool, slow-mo video, it’ll be a real hoot, except it’s not a hoot. It’s hot, really hot… like pouring boiling water all over yourself… that kind of hot.

Now, Brad has a permanent reminder that he’s an idiot burned into the back of his legs.

Seriously, stay safe (and warm) out there people… looks it’ll start warming up here pretty soon.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock