Beat Up Buck Spotted On Trail Cam Footage With One Antler Dangling From Its Head

Broken antler buck

Well this is insane.

We’ve seen some wild scenarios involving antlers this year.

From an Alaskan moose shedding its antlers basically right in front of someone’s doorstep, a hunter in Kansas bagging a buck that had his trail camera wrapped around its antlers, a “unicorn” buck with an antler sticking out of its forehead, and the list of examples go on and on.

And here we are yet again, adding to the already long list of wild antler footage.

Here we have a buck that was caught on trail camera footage on someone’s snow-filled property.

As you can see, the buck’s antler on its right side has been nearly ripped off.

The antler appears to be dangling, so it doesn’t look like this isn’t some kind of natural genetic issue, plus you can see some blood running down its eye.

The buck more than likely got into a brutal fight with another buck, ultimately resulting in this wild scene. Or, something even more traumatic like a car accident. Someone in the comments suggested that it m ay have hit a tree, or a tree may have fallen on it, but those seem a little more far-fetched to me.

Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty cool image to catch on trail cam footage.

Deer are some of the most resilient animals in the woods, fearing for their lives the minute they are born. And when they’re not dodging predators, cars, hunters and disease, they locking horns with other big bucks, fighting to find a mate.

This fellas looks like he might be ok, and whatever wound he had might’ve healed (it’s hard to tell), if he successfully avoided infection, that antler should drop off and he’ll grow a new one next spring and be ready to mix it up again next fall.

What do you thing happened?

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