Tyler Childers Walks You Through ‘Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?’ Track By Track

Tyler Childers country music

From the man himself.

In the latest installment of Tyler Childers’ sit down with writer and author Silas House, he walks us through the entirety of his newest album.

Titled Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?, it’s a 3-part album featuring 8 songs, each in three different styles, for a total of 24 tracks.

The Hallelujah album features Tyler’s band The Food Stamps, while the Jubilee version explores the idea of adding more instruments to the band… some horns, strings, sitars and more.

And then finally, the Joyful Noise version which is primarily electronic and instrumental.

Tyler goes on to explain each track, how it came to be, and why it made the album, starting off with a cover of Hank Williams’ “Old Country Church.”

He explains that “Old Country Church” was the first song he had ever learned how to play, all the way back when he was five years old, and then Tyler takes us on a journey through the rest of the album. A number of tracks were written a long time ago, some were inspired by classic hymns, and others were born out of trips on psychedelic mushrooms.

Check it out:

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