Jason And Brittany Aldean Dress As Santa & Mrs. Claus To Spread Some Christmas Cheer At The Gas Pump

Jason & Brittany Aldean

Shake that ass for some free gas this Christmas.

That was what Jason and Brittany Aldean were offering lucky drivers at a Nashville-area gas station recently, as the couple dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus to spread some Christmas cheer to unsuspecting customers as they stopped to fill up.

Holding a sign that said “Shake Your Ass For Free Gas,” the Aldeans had fun with people who were happy to do a little dancing for a free fill-up.

The customers were definitely appreciative of the surprise Christmas gift, with one man telling Brittany that he has to drive into Nashville every day for work after she handed him $100 when his tank didn’t require much gas to top off.

And after asking whether they wanted “a full bussdown or just a little bit,” one couple told the Aldeans that he had just started working again and hadn’t received his first paycheck yet, so the gas was a welcome surprise.

Pretty awesome gift for some deserving people at Christmas. And pretty hilarious too.

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