Two Reindeer Have An All-Out Battle On Icy Arctic Circle Road


Tensions are running high this time of year around the North Pole…

Only hours until the big man hits the skies and starts dropping presents down the chimneys of good boys and girls all around the globe, riding in his sleigh pulled by reindeer.

But honestly, the effort of the reindeer is heavily overlooked. Can you imagine not only flying all those miles but having to drag a sleigh filled with millions of presents? That’s some serious calorie burn…

Well, a video from a few years back shows that the pressure can also get to the reindeer from time to time.

Drivers on a frozen, and I mean absolutely covered in snow and ice, road in northern Sweden, near the Arctic Circle, were stopped in their tracks when two reindeer started battling it out in the middle of the street.

Turns out, these large deer don’t fight quite the same way as other antlered animals, as the two reared up on their hind legs and did more wrestling then sparring.

Both females and males grow and shed antlers, so it’s hard to tell if the non-antlered deer is actually a female, but given that most fighting occurs between males, this guy may have just found himself in a tough situation after preemptively shedding his rack.

The deer end up scampering up the bank and into the woods when their fight is interrupted by a school bus, but man it’s cool to see some reindeer in non-flying action.

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