Mountain Biker In Alberta Has Close Encounter With Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear

Holy smokes…

Everyone knows it’s possible to have a run in with a bear while out in the woods, but what exactly that means seems to be lost on a lot of people.

This video shows that even when handled perfectly, being close to a predator is crazily intense.

While riding the Hochimini Trail just north of Jasper, Alberta, Canada, a mountain biker found himself in a stand off with grizzly bear and was not only able to remain calm, but get a great recording of most of the tense couple minutes.

The video starts with the grizzly staring directly at the biker, who is doing his best to remain calm but assertive in letting the bear know that there’s no trouble here.

Fortunately, the grizzly doesn’t seem to be aggressive, more so just interested in what this guy is doing out here, and while he hangs around a lot longer than the guy would have liked, never showed signs of charging or becoming territorial.

What a moment.

One second enjoying the beautiful Canadian wilderness and the next you’re just a few feet away from a brutal death.

The dance humans do with animals is truly fascinating.

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