Chad Johnson Leaves $1,000 Tip For Server At Longhorn Steakhouse In Florida

chad ochocinco
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just imagine this.

You’re working your normal shift serving tables at a local restaurant, when all of a sudden, a celebrity just casually walks in and sits in your section.

You chat it up with them like they’re just normal folk, and next thing you know, they do something that changes your life completely…

For anybody who was born in the mid to late ’90s, there’s a great chance that you pretended to be Chad Johnson (Or Chad Ochocinco, whichever you want to call him) while playing backyard football with your best friends.

The guy was flashy and electric on the field, one of the most exciting players of the 2000s.

With that being said, Johnson recently made an appearance at a Longhorn Steakhouse in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and needless to say, he made this person’s Christmas.

He shared a picture of the receipt he received at the restaurant, where his meal costed $81.35.

But, Johnson left a MASSIVE $1,000 tip for his server.

Although there is no video for the server’s reaction, unfortunately, you can only imagine how ecstatic they had to be, knowing they had an extra $1K in their pocket going into Christmas.

Much respect:

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