Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Jimmy, Colby & Ryan Talk The Origins Of The “Train Station”


Yellowstone season five episode seven dropped this past Sunday, and the show is giving us yet another opportunity to hear the perspectives from Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards), and Jimmy (Jefferson White).

The trio hilariously kicks things off by discussing if they had a band, what their band name would be.

They quickly vouch for “Colby & the Cougars,” but Richards wanted “Ryan & the Ranch Hands.”

They then transition to the scene where young Rip and Rowdy get into the brutal fight, that ultimately resulted in Rowdy dying.

Bohen weighed in:

“What I think is great about the choice that young Rip makes to go to JD instead of dumping Rowdy in the river, and say ‘Hey, I did this.’ And takes accountability, it shows you that he was that person, that was his nature as a young man.”

Richards added:

“Rip is very, very loyal, and his relationships really mean something to him. To see it start from such an early age I think it gives us a much greater appreciation for Rip the man.”

White also said:

“You see the sort of roots of some of that conflict that erupts later with Walker and Beth. The way that Beth, sort of, God bless her, deliberately antagonizes Rip. And also just how much Rip and Beth have changed over the course of the action of Yellowstone.”

During that scene, we also got acclimated to one of the OG “Train Station” victims, which was unfortunately Rowdy.

Bohen discussed the longevity of the “Train Station:”

“I think in ‘1883’ we see one of the first killing for protection of the family. I think that’s the first visualized. I do like that we saw what this family does when threatened onscreen, and that shows that that’s back 150 years.”

White added:

“It’s like the train station it’s the idea of taking people who threaten the family, sort of removing them from the equation, is clearly part of the mythology of the Dutton ranch.”

They then transition to the cattle issue they’ve been having on the ranch.

Bohen weighed in:

“I think it’s interesting that this particular one is natural-based, and it’s not men with guns, or men with money armed with weapons trying to hurt them.

It’s the world that says this little teeny thing you cannot see will get you from the inside out, and they call it brucellosis. And if your cows die, the ranch dies. You can’t fight it, it’s too small. So you have to retreat.”

He also discussed the scene where Lainey Wilson’s character Abby goes off on Ryan for not telling her about the possibility of him leaving the ranch for a long period of time:

“Yeah my timing wasn’t really spot on. I hadn’t picked– I hadn’t chosen to deliver the news yet that I’m leaving town for what could easily be a year. She just sort of loses her mind and storms off. He explains it really succinctly.

Your Grand Ole Opry is this, your dreams, your singing, you’re on stage, that’s your life. That’s your thing. Mine is being out there with the herd. Keeping them warm, getting them through, it’s that simple, that’s my dream. And she understands and she kisses me and I lose her.

And that’s what happens. The cowboy way is sacrifice. Having said all that, I hope that we resolve this problem in a timely manner and we decide to get back where we belong soon, because I miss my girlfriend already.”

They then discuss the county fair scene, and Bohen shared:

“We were hearing about the county fair scene, and we’re like ‘Wow, there must be a fair in town, that we’re gonna use all their stuff. There wasn’t. We brought it all in and we made it. You show up one day and, by golly, it’s a whole thing.

It’s all the stuff and all the games and all the people from the town that wanted to be back on our set. They had the food, they just made it. And we had amazing music, Zach Bryan performed on stage. Like from me to you, it was just like ‘Oh my God!'”

Richards added:

“One of my favorite times was when we were waiting for a new setup, Ian and I were walking around and we’re like, ‘Well, look at all these games, we should start playing some of these carnival games.'”

You can watch the full video here:

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