Wally Beckman’s Epic Meltdown Is Still One Of The Greatest Ejections In Baseball History


Ya gotta love a good manager/umpire argument in a baseball game, that ultimately results in the manager losing his absolute sh*t on the umpire, and he gets tossed out of the game.

Not gonna lie, it’s probably one of the top five most electric things that can happen in baseball, and always gets the crowd fired up.

I was thinking about some of the greatest ejections in baseball history, and this one always comes to mind.

I’ll never forget back in 2007, when my tiny town of Anderson, South Carolina got a minor league team for one season, called the Anderson Joes.

They were just an independent minor league team that was even a step below single-A, so needless to say, the on-field product was pretty dang bad, and I just remembered them getting absolutely smoked every game I went to.

After ’07, the league disbanded, and it was a solid one-and-done for the Joes.

Although that one season didn’t bring much, it did bring this absolute gem from the legendary Wally Beckman.

Beckman, who had an extensive playing career in the MLB, and had a number of coaching stints in the minor league system, somehow found himself managing the South Georgia Peanuts, and they made their way up to play the Anderson Joes one game.

Beckman was obviously pissed off about one of his players getting ejected during the game.

He hilariously walked up to the umpire and said:

“What the f*ck is going on? He never even said f*cking anything. He never said a F*CKING WORD TO YOU.”

Beckman continued to trade a few expletives to the umpire, and walked straight to home plate and began kicking dirt over home plate after he had just gotten the boot.

Perhaps the best part is when he says:

“Take your report and SHOVE IT UP YOUR F*CKING ASS!”

He then walks over to the dugout, and begins to throw all the bats on the field, yelling:


One of my best friends was at that game that day, and at eight-years-old, he told me he was hearing words he’d never heard before.

Check it out:

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