The “Tooth Fairy” Accidentally Left $110 Under Kid’s Pillow: “I Think The Tooth Fairy Was Drinking Last Night”

Tooth fairy

This has to be a top five father’s worst nightmare right here.

Back when I was a little kid, there was nothing better than losing a baby tooth, putting it under your pillow, just to wake up the next day with the tooth gone and replaced by a dollar bill by the Tooth Fairy.

Notice I said ONE dollar bill.

I mean hey, one dollar goes a long way when you’re seven-years-old, and the whole Tooth Fairy concept makes the fact that you literally shed a tooth a lot less scary.

With that being said, this father done effed up.

In a video that was captured by a Ring security system, you can see the dad just chilling in the chair, when he hears his kid say something like “I got $110 from the Tooth Fairy!” (It’s a toothless kid, it’s a little hard to understand exactly what they’re saying).

The dad quickly responds:

“You didn’t get $110, it’s 20 bucks, two $10 bills.”

Kid says it’s really $110.

And the dad goes:

“Wait is that actually $100?”

He proceeds to fly out of his seat and check his wallet on the counter, and that’s when it finally hit him… He accidentally left $110 under his kid’s pillow, instead of $20…

And boy, this reaction is LEGENDARY.

He throws his wallet to the ground and yells:

“SHIT. I think the Tooth Fairy was drinking last night.”

OOF, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Now he either has to take a $110 loss, or have to have that conversation that no parent ever wants to have with their kid.

So, for all of you young parents out there, keep this one in mind…

Don’t drink the night your kid loses a tooth, and ALWAYS double check the cash you’re about to put under the pillow.

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