Motorcyclist Hits Deer At Over 50 MPH On Blue Ridge Parkway, Remarkably Doesn’t Crash

Deer motorcycle

That ones gotta make the ol’ heart skip a beat.

Unfortunately, if you’re into motorcycles, you have a much higher chance of getting injured or killed if you get into an accident. As much as riding a bike can be a ton of fun, it’s inherently dangerous.

And the worst part? Your life is in the hands of other drivers.

You can be standing still, parked at a red light, and all it takes is for someone not to see you to dramatically alter your life. With accidents, luck is sometimes a large factor in the outcome.

And sometimes, it’s not even another driver… it’s an animal.

Hitting something on a bike can easily lead to some bad wrecks, especially if you hit a 100 pound animal.

This fella was rolling on down the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, which stretches over 450 miles through the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia to North Carolina.

He was 800 miles from home when out of nowhere, a deer runs out right in front of him.

A biker’s worst nightmare…

It’s too late to react so he just holds on for the ride. , and miraculously, the bike seemingly just rolls right over top of the deer and keeps on straight down the road. No doubt the bike took some damage, but at 54 miles per hour, it probably couldn’t have gone any better for this guy.

Guardian angel looking out for him on those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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