Michigan State Basketball Coach Tom Izzo Getting T’d Up In An Elf Sweater Is Peak Christmas

Tom Izzo

‘Tis the season, amirite.

We’re officially two days away from Christmas Eve, and every store you walk in is packed out the door as everybody is doing their best to get in a little last minute Christmas shopping before it’s too late.

Although it’s wild out on the road right now, luckily enough for us, it’s the bowl season for college football, and we have plenty of college basketball to watch to keep us entertained while all the madness is going on outside.

But speaking of college basketball, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo decided to go ahead and get into the Christmas spirit, by wearing an elf sweater that looks like it’s replicating the legendary sweater Will Ferrell wore while playing Buddy the elf on Elf.

However, it appears there ain’t enough Christmas spirit on this planet to keep ol’ Izzo from losing his cool after a ref makes a bad call.

While the Spartans were struggling against the 2-10 Oakland Golden Grizzlies, only up 26-24 with just over a minute-30 left to go in the first half, Izzo was visibly upset after a call, and went absolutely bonkers on a ref.

In fact, he was going so nuts, that he received a technical foul for his actions.

There’s just something awesome about seeing a dude, especially one of the greatest coaches in the history of college basketball, lose his absolute shit while rocking an elf sweater.

I guess we can officially call Izzo one of the jolliest assholes this side of the Mississippi, just like Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation.

Check it out:

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