Trail Cam Captures Moose Ferociously Protecting Its Calf From Pair Of Wolves

Moose trail cam

Nature is a wild place.

If there’s one thing for sure out there, any member of the deer family has a target on their back from day one. And not just from hunters.

Anything that eats meat loves to get their hands on some deer. And while hunters are after mature big bucks, the rest of the wild is after fawns… AKA, the easiest catch.

Moose are some of the most fortunate for the simple fact they are the largest. Right from birth they have a larger size than other deer young, giving them a slight advantage.

A mother moose is generally massive compared to any other deer mother. This is a huge help in defense. A cow moose’s kick is one of the most dangerous things in the woods.

Mix that in with a mother’s protection instinct and you have yourself one fierce protector that all predators should watch out for.

A trail camera set up on a salt lick caught a mother moose and her calf having a little taste.

The video shows a wolf coming in out of nowhere to their surprise and trying to attack the calf. The wolf gets one good swipe at it, knocking the calf to the ground.

But, the mother moose quickly goes into full defense getting between the wolf and her calf.

Another wolf comes into view and the mother fights both off trying to not let them in close with a fury of kicks towards them.

The wolves dance around but the mother keeps control of the calf’s location so they can’t get on her.

They all go out of view but the wolves are seen walking away empty handed.

Don’t mess with mama.

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