Turtle Narrowly Escapes The Jaws Of An Alligator

Turtle gator

Thank God for that shell…

Alligators are one of the scariest animals out there, I don’t care what anybody says.

They are modern day dinosaurs in their appearance, one of the few animals that just look to be from a different time, but at the end of the day, they’re pure killers.

They use the water to their advantage sneaking around and pouncing quickly on their prey from below the surface. They can swim fast, and on land, they can run up to speeds near 30 miles an hour in a short distance.

To top of their striking speed, they have one of the strongest bites in the world with bite force of over 2100 PSI. That’s enough to snap your femur like a toothpick.

Luckily for this turtle, he couldn’t get enough leverage to crack his shell.

A turtle is seen in a rather precarious position, stuck inside the mouth of an alligator who seems like he’s trying to bite down.

The turtles shell protects him from the gator teeth, and as the gator moves the turtle around, searching for a better bite, it allows a second for the turtle to escape.

The turtle gets out of its mouth and runs as fast as a turtle can… which is slow, to the water.

Clearly the alligator doesn’t feel the struggle is worth the meal, and allows him to make his way back to the water.

Score one for the  turtle… gotta love rooting for the underdog.

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