Pair Of South Dakota Does Throw Hands In Hilarious Slap Fight On Their Hind Legs

South Dakota does

What in the great outdoors is this?

I guess, I never really thought about how some does would square up. When it comes to deer fights, the big buck rut battles are what come to all of our minds.

Locking horns, throwing some weight around… but the does are out here the owing down too. Just like the local bar, every once in a while, you’re bound to run into a hair pulling chick fight.

We’ve definitely seen many does become aggressive, usually in defense of their young or themselves. They’ll come charging with a flurry of kicks, as quick as they can move their legs.

A doe on average weighs around 100 pounds, this is not an animal you want to have kicking you.

These two does are spotted alongside some kind of football field or soccer pitch… and they got beef.

Both does are standing nearly straight up on their hind legs, posturing towards each other to send their front legs flying as fast as they can towards the other.

It’s like they are two people standing up and squaring off. It’s amazing the balance they have for animal that is rarely observed standing like this.

The pair go back and forth exchanging blows. The larger one starts to push the other backwards and a bench causes her to tumble down making her the loser of the fight in the end.

What a wild battle that I didn’t know I needed to see.

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