Heroic Dog Protects Young Boy When Another Dog Comes Charging Into The Yard

Hero dog

I think I’m in the majority when I say that dogs are the greatest animals on the planet.

When they’re trained the right way, they’re the sweetest, most loyal creatures you could ever come across, and always seem to know when to brighten your day if you’ve been going through it.

They’re called man’s (or woman’s) best friend for a reason.

However, there are a number of dogs that may have been neglected by their owners, cruelly raised to fight, or even some that just have a wild streak in them, that could be very dangerous when it comes to outside interaction.

Some are even just trying to be playful, but they just don’t know when to stop.

This appears to be the situation we have in this video right here.

You can see a young boy hanging out on a front lawn, playing with his dog and just living life.

The boy and his dog continue to play and make their way down towards the ditch, but, next thing you know, you see a dog from the house right across the street come flying out of the driveway, and makes a beeline straight for the boy and his dog.

The dog appears to be in a full blown sprint, whether he’s coming after the boy or the other dog, but his this kid’s pup saw it coming a mile away.

The dog’s protective instincts come alive and it quickly knocks him down to shield him, and begins to fight off the attacking dog.

It’s uncertain what may have triggered the neighbor’s dog to run across the street, but whatever the reason, it’s great to know that the kid is in good hands.

Somebody get this good boy a bone.

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