Cougar Walks Into Goat Pen Like It’s An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Cougar goat pen

That’s one scary kitty cat.

A natural born killer… and it’s shown right here.

Cougars are absolute beasts. Weighing up to 175 pounds, they have the ability to take out an animal much larger than that.

They attack with stealth, speed and precision, often times going straight for the throat in any video of them hunting. They latch on hard and squeeze until there’s no motion left.

However, in this instance, strength, speed and stealth weren’t exactly required…

The large cat is seen walking up to a goat pen like it’s an all you can eat buffet, knowing damn well that these goats have nowhere to go.

You can see the animals scatter towards the back of the pen, but the cougar knows he’s about to be served up an easy meal… like picking steak at the butcher counter.

But then, once the target has been acquired, and goat secured, the power comes into full display as the cougar leaps up over the fence with the goat in his mouth.

An impressive display of power, the cougar casually hops over a large fence with a goat in tow.

It jumps as if it isn’t even carrying anything… the raw power of these animals.

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