Paddleboarder Gets Absolutely Rocked By A Dolphin In Open Water


Imagine trying to tell someone that a dolphin literally jumped up and took you right out on a paddleboard.

The ocean is a wild and humbling place. Anyone who’s ever paddled out on a surfboard knows that part of the thrill is knowing you’re at the mercy of the ocean. Powerful waves, unexplored depths… just packed with wildlife.

It’s a unpredictable beast that is very unforgiving.

But, its not that different from wild on land. It’s a fish eat fish world out there too with every species just fighting to survive the day.

Dolphins are some of the most known ocean dwellers. Their intelligence allows them to be very social with humans and creates lots of safe interactions.

Dolphins are a big animal though, averaging around 8 and half feet long and 350 pounds. Seeing them swimming and jumping is always a treat.

Well, it usually is.

This fella was out for a beach day just ripping around on his paddleboard off the coast of Gracetown, in Western Australia. As he heads out into the water he notices a pod of dolphins coming straight for him.

The man braces himself as well as you can on a paddleboard as they close in on him. But, one dolphin jumps straight out of the water hitting the man square in the chest and sending him flying.

“Waiting to film surfers when Lucas noticed a pod of dolphins that appeared to be chasing fish. The pod of about 20 dolphins then turned to catch a wave, when one dolphin jumped out of the water and knocked stand up paddle boarder Andrew Hill off his board with a nice bump.”

I bet he felt that one.

What a story to tell though, not many folks can say a dolphin took them out.

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