Cow Elk Teaches Tourist A Quick Lesson On Approaching Wildlife

Cow elk

She’s going to feel that one in the morning…

And I hope she will think twice before going up to a wild animal again.

Time and time again we see this go on at nearly every National Park out there.

These locations are parks due to the amazing landscape, ecosystems and abundance of wildlife. But, just because you have to pay for entrance does not mean it is a petting zoo.

It’s actually far from it.. these are still very wild animals that have the ability to ruin your day.

Cow elk are massive animals. On average they weigh 500 pounds, and when they have a young calf around, they can be extremely protective.

This woman is seen approaching a roadside cow elk.

Usually, the cow would leave, but if there’s young around and she feels threatened the opposite will happen. The men filming the video were trying to warn her, but nothing doing…

They actually sounded pretty damn excited to get a video of what was about to happen.

This woman found out quickly that the cow elk wasn’t playing games, and once she had enough had enough of her approach, she charged.

The elk comes in with speed and knocks the woman flat on her back. She seems to be fine but that’s a hard lesson to learn about nature.

And perhaps the best part is that she seems to get an attitude with the men trying to warn her. Of course, she’s embarrassed but, maybe graciously except defeat?

Head on swivel, people…

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