Wolverine And Lynx Go Head-To-Head In Wild Snow Battle

wolverine lynx

This is the battle I didn’t know I needed… with the ending I didn’t expect.

I love just nature… time and time again, the unexpected happens. At this point, we should just expect the unexpected.

Really, it’s what drives me to get out there in all instances. You have to be out there to witness stuff like this and the people who spend more time out there always seem to have the wildest stories from the outdoors.

Like this guy…

Wolverine are some of the most elusive yet dangerous animals in our land. They can weigh up to 40 pounds but have enough bite for far more than their weight… pound for pound, they’re arguably the baddest animal in the woods.

Lynx are a fierce predator too. A kitty of the woods with elite hunting abilities, they are able to use to their leaping and intelligence to fight nearly everything, even taking out deer much larger than them.

But, wolverines just seem to have a bit more fight in them.

Typically, lynx and wolverines wouldn’t interact too much in the wild, but every so often, they may cross paths.

This video comes to us from Norway where a wolverine stumbles upon a kill site. The lynx, clearly not willing to share, makes a run for the wolverine to defend its dinner.

The attack each other, tumbling through the snow, screaming and snarling as they both battle for the upper hand.

Ultimately, the lynx actually gets the better of the wolverine who decides the fight isn’t worth the hassle for some scraps of food.

What a wild encounter to witness… gotta love what a trail cam can capture.

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