Black Bear Steals Chick-Fil-A On Florida Man’s Doorstep: “Oh, You S.O.B… You Ate All The Nuggets”

Bear chick fil a


It’s no secret that if you’re in an area where bears live, you better keep your food tucked away, because considering bears have an incredible sense of smell, they’re gonna be able to track that food down from just about anywhere.

We’ve seen them break into cars, and even break into houses, just because they’re hunting down food.

So, let this video be a fair warning for those of y’all who like to DoorDash food to your doorstep in an area where bears live…

Here you see a Chick-Fil-A meal sitting at the doorstep of somebody’s home in Sanford, Florida.

However, a hungry black bear makes its way right up to the front porch, sniffing around, and eventually ran into the gold mine.

The black bear proceeds to dig into the Chick-Fil-A, and looks to be having the time of its life.

You can hear the homeowner talking through his Ring doorbell, saying:

“Oh you S.O.B. You ate all the nuggets. 30 nuggets and a large fry. Woof, just like that. Nothing to do with the salad. Weird.”

Not gonna lie, I’d be pretty heated if I dropped $30 plus to get Chick-Fil-A DoorDashed to my house, only for it to get eaten up by an unwelcome bear.

Of course, it ain’t the bear’s fault, it’s fair game at that point.

Check it out:

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