Deaf Golden Retriever Dances Along To His Favorite Shania Twain Song Through Vibrations

dog Shania fan

It’s no secret that we all love some Shania Twain.

But the internet has found her most loyal fan of all time.

Earlier this week, a family revealed that in addition to young girls who grew up with Shania as their background music, a 13-year-old golden retriever named Cooper also grew up loving the queen of pop country’s girl-power anthems.

According to this little guy’s family, the fluffy pup loved listening to Shania when he was a puppy and “Any Man of Mine” quickly became his favorite song. Since then, he’s beat a cancer diagnosis and has gone deaf, but he still reacts positively to the vibrations of his favorite country singer’s music.

The video featured Cooper lying next to a phone playing “Any Man of Mine,” and answering Shania’s call for everybody to get “on the [dance] floor,” by pawing and making his own excited little dance moves.

Dog lovers united to make the video viral and tagged Shania in the comments along the way in the hopes that she could meet the little guy in person someday and maybe even serenade him with his favorite song. Imagine the vibrations he would feel at a live show?!

Until then, this video definitely snags my 2022 top spot for sweetest video on the internet.

Grab the tissues.

Check it out:

@cooperthegolden09 He outlived so many of the cancer diagnosis, he’s a fighter and still kicking it. #shaniatwain #goldenretriever #puppy #olddog #fyp #viral @Shania Twain ♬ original sound – Cooper | The Golden 🐶

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