Slingshot Ride At Christmas Carnival Snaps & Sends Passengers Crashing Into The Support Beam


There’s something about those slingshot rides that pop up at those sketchy “amusement parks” at tourist locations, and local fairs that scare the absolute hell out of me.

I mean c’mon, you’re trusting Kevin, the local meth-head gas station attendant who needed a little a side money, to strap you in, and shoot you up into outer space as you bounce around in two seats that are held together by a glorified rubber band.

No. Damn. Way.

If you’re one of the people who’ve gotten on one of these rides and had the time of your life without fearing for your safety, congratulations. But that’s still not convincing enough for me to hop on one of these things without having thoughts of Final Destination in my mind.

And this video just adds fuel to that fire…

This took place at London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (not exactly your local shithole town carnival, but still), where you can see two people getting strapped into the slingshot ride.

Everything looks like its running smooth, until it slowly starts to rise up into the air.

I’ve never watched these things takeoff up close like this, but the ride looks like it’s shaking a lot more than it should be, and I already know I’d be praying to the Good Lord if I was in those riders’ shoes.

The ride then takes off, and next thing you know, one of the bands completely flies off, leaving the riders trapped and suspended only by one band.

They end up running into one of the support beams, as everybody from below looks on in horror.

According to the Daily Mail, the riders were safely evacuated and treated on site by medical staff, but luckily enough, they didn’t sustain any injuries.

There’s currently an investigation going on about what may have caused the near disaster, but at this point, if you’re still riding these damn things… it’s on you.

Check it out:

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