Ashley McBryde Brings Church To The Strip Club In New Music Video For “Gospel Night At The Strip Club”

Ashley McBryde country music

Ashley McBryde is taking church to the strip club… or something like that.

She just released a brand new music video for her song “Gospel Night At The Strip Club,” from her recent fifth studio album Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville.

Along with lead vocals from Benjy Davis, they tell the story of exactly what the title suggests, what gospel night at the local Lindeville strip club is like, adding some very colorful lines in the lyrics about the special kind of fellowship that takes place over there.

And in the new video, we see Benjy performing during gospel night at the local Lindeville strip club, as Crystal dances on stage and we get glimpses of all the other characters in attendance, like Lonnie the bartender.

Ashley’s also there having a drink, with plenty of other people who appear to come from all different walks of life and are partaking in a special kind of fellowship you don’t see on a typical Wednesday night gathering.

Written by Ashley and Benjy along with Brandy Clark, Connie Harrington, Nicolette Hayford and Aaron Raitiere, it’s subtle enough in its messaging and a very well-thought out piece of music I think many people will appreciate.

The video itself is incredibly well-done and high quality, and I’m glad to see Ashley giving this song the full treatment with such a cool music video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock