Yellowstone Season 5: The Cast Reacts To Episode 6, ‘Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow & You’

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Yellowstone season five episode six dropped this past Sunday, and the cast is back once again to give us a “Behind the Story” look.

Mo Brings Plenty kicks things off by discussing he and his family’s first encounter with the secret service helicopters that make their way onto the reservation:

“When Mo and his family run outside, you see these military helicopters flying very low, it brings a concern to Mo. But he’s also trying to remain cool. He has to go investigate.”

Gil Birmingham (Thomas Rainwater) also weighed in:

“It feels very similar to an invasion. Under the premise of security, it’s just hostile, and it’s just a re-triggering of a generational trauma. I can understand Angela’s desire to push her own ideas, but that’s beyond the pale in terms of circumventing Rainwater and his authority.

I’m feeling like all the things I’ve built are being undermined now.”

Brings Plenty continued:

“Now we’re getting to look deeper into Broken Rock, and see what’s happening within the reservation itself amongst our very own people.”

Birmingham added that the situation forces him to put his guard up:

“And that really puts Rainwater on his toes. Another challenge I’ve got to hold the Res together.”

The video then transitions to the Spring Gathering, and John, Kayce, Rip, and Beth’s horseback ride through the ranch.

Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) weighed in:

As far as the Spring Gathering, those are big days, difficult days. We’re really pushing cows. There’s no bullshit when it comes to it.

Every actor is out there 14 hours a day, you know, dusty, getting it done.

Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) added:

“Taylor really likes to shine a light on that Western lifestyle. That’s always been my favorite part of doing the show.

They’re usually really hot days and long days, but they’re really fun.

The more you can do, the more authentic it’s gonna feel, and the more the audience is gonna love it.

Those are the days you kinda pinch yourself and you’re like, man, I’m so lucky to be here.”

Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) also discussed the first time we see Beth saddled up and helping out on the ranch for the first time:

“We see her in an element that we’ve never seen her. I mean she’s a rancher’s daughter, she doesn’t get to do much to experience it. To be in the land in that way, that ignites something in her. It connects her more to part of herself that she had not really been aware of.”

Hauser also weighed in on Beth’s new experience working the land:

“She starts to get joy out of it, and it kind of continues into this beautiful scene in the meadow.”

Reilly then discusses the scene where Rip takes Beth to one of his favorite spots on the property:

“Rip takes her as sort of a surprise, and they ride through the stream, and he takes her to this place, and it’s the perfect meadow.

It’s `almost like she’s found paradise, and you can see that she’s so moved, obviously by him doing that for her and finding this place for her. But for the first time I see a potential for happiness. I do wish that for her.”

Hauser also discussed the beauty of the scene:

“It’s just a beautiful scene of these two people that are in love.”

The video then transitions to Summer and Monica sort of hitting it off and becoming friends in episode six.

Piper Perabo (Summer Higgins) shared:

“Monica, she’s kind of Summer’s first point of contact for understanding the ranch.”

Kelsey Asbille (Monica) added:

“It’s a conversation. She loves where she lives, and she has such a connection to the land. That’s what she’s trying to share. In her time here, she’s realizing that there is more common ground between the two perspectives.

When Monica finds Summer at the cemetery, there’s just a beautiful connection between the two women, because she gets a sense of, with the joy comes a lot of pain, and that we are fighting for something.”

Perabo admits that Summer is finally grasping the importance of the ranch, and why it means so much to the Duttons:

“Summer starts to learn more about the ranch, and how much they care about the land through Monica’s vision of the family and the ranch.”

Dawn Olivieri (Sarah Atwood) then begins to discuss Sarah’s point of view of Jamie:

“I think in a perfect world, Jamie would love to be apart of the family, but they have made it so that’s not a possibility. She is telling him to get off his knees, and stand up and be the man that you are, ’cause that’s what I see.”

You can check out the full video here:

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