Grizzly Bear Interrupts Montana Wedding, Starts Mauling A Moose Behind The Bride & Groom

Montana wedding

When you’re in your 20s (or even 30s these days), you feel like you’re getting wedding invitations left and right, as a number of your best friends growing up, from college, or from work are getting hitched.

With that being said, you get to witness first hand all of the stress that goes into putting together a wedding, and how the bride and groom do everything in their power to make sure it’s perfect.

Of course, it typically never turns out to be 100% perfect, whether it’s because of weather, issues with the venue or catering, dealing with your annoying parents or your drunk uncle who cuts into the cake too early, or you know… a grizzly bear mauls a poor elk calf in the middle of the ceremony.

I guarantee that last one is something both the bride and groom could’ve never imagined…

A wedding was being held at a place in Montana’s Glacier National Park this month, when a grizzly bear came from the woods and brutally attacked a moose calf.

Wildly enough, the videographer, Stanton Giles, caught the whole altercation on video, and posted it to YouTube.

The attack occurred during the middle of the ceremony, which was on the south shore of Two Medicine Lake.

The groom is concluding his vows, when everything comes to a halt after moans and groans began to surface from behind.

Sure enough, it was the grizzly bear viciously attacking the moose calf.

I guess the worst part about it for bride and groom, is that the ceremony was so close to ending perfectly, and then mother nature decided to unleash its brutality.

“A wedding ceremony was taking place on the shore of Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, when most of the way through the groom’s vows, a grizzly charged out of the brush onto the north shore and attacked a moose calf as the mother looked on.

We had spotted the moose and calf 10 minutes before moving briskly through the forest further up the mountain – the bear must have been chasing them for at least a little bit.”

Needless to say, it’ll forever be an unforgettable day for the bride and groom…

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