‘The New York Times’ Accidentally Ran A Full Page ‘George & Tammy’ Ad Featuring Completely Fake Reviews

George and Tammy


There have been a ton of rave reviews about Showtime’s George & Tammy, the new series documenting the tumultuous relationship between George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

The classic country music story is captivating and the cast is phenomenal, featuring Michael Shannon as George, and Jessica Chastain as Tammy.

I’ve seen a lot of praise for the show, and we’ve given it a ton of praise ourselves, and yeah, sure there is the occasional elitest attitude that won’t even give it the chance because it’s about country music, but overall, the reviews have been very positive.

With that being said, apparently The New York Times’ went a little too far with the reviews, according to Deadline.

The newspaper ran a full page ad about the show, featuring a number of quotes from some of the world’s top media outlets, including Dealine. The alleged quote from Deadline claimed the show has an “intense storyline,” which was apparently never said by anybody from the outlet.

And to make matters worse, apparently there are a number of quotes on the promotion that were never actually said or written by any of these outlets.

However, on page eight of the Times’ Sunday Edition A-Section confessed:

“Due to an error, the version of the George & Tammy ad printed in the Dec 11 issue of the Arts & Leisure section ran with incorrect quotes. The below ad is correct.”

Apparently the Times printed a “mock-up” ad which was to be used as a place-holder, until the real quotes could be added in.

Obviously, both Showtime and the New York Times are pretty embarrassed by the move.

All that being said, the show is pretty damn good, and well worth a watch if you’re interested in George Jones, Tammy Wynette, or even just country music in general.

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