Girl Nearly Takes An Antler Through The Forehead While Trying To Feed A Buck


And the moron tourists are back out in full force again.

It truly is unbelievable how willing tourists are to put their lives on the line, just for the clout of saying “I got up close and personal with a bison,” or any kind of wild animal.

And it doesn’t even have to be that wild…

In our latest edition of moron tourists, we have this girl right here.

It’s uncertain where this footage took place, but since we have what appear to be some European fallow deer here, it seems like she might be at some kind of petting zoo and/or nature park in Europe, but it may just be some deer that are used to human interaction.

It’s pretty rare to see a buck of this size casually getting up close to a human, considering deer are incredibly skittish around humans, but this one has probably been fed by humans several times before, and don’t see them as a threat…

Or you would think.

At first, the buck gladly begins to eat the food out of the girl’s hand. But then, she makes a big mistake…

She squats down to get her face nice and level with the buck’s rack of antlers and then turns her attention away from the big boy and begins to feed the smaller one.

And he wasn’t looking to share…

As soon as she turns her attention away from the buck, he lowers his antlers, and appears to nearly gore the girl right through the temple in an attempt to assert its dominance over the other one.

From first look, it doesn’t appear that the buck seriously penetrated the girl’s skin, and probably only suffered minor injuries worst case scenario, but I’m sure she’s gonna think twice before getting up close and personal with a buck again, no matter how friendly they appear.

Check it out:

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