Chance The Rapper Once Turned Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” Into A Country Song… And The Internet Loved It

Chance the Rapper late night

It can be hard to truly appreciate just how talented some musicians really are.

When they step out on stage, they just make it look so easy, so effortless…

But what happens when you put them on the spot? Move them out of the wheelhouse, out of their comfort zone, and out of their natural genre completely… do they rise to the occasion or do they embarrass themselves?

The truly great ones, the real musical talents always impress…and one of those examples?

Chance the Rapper.

The rapper made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last year, and I had to relive this gem. It’s simply too good to keep locked up.

He partook in the wild “That’s My Jam: Musical Genre Challenge,” where he was given the incredibly difficult task of taking a popular song, and singing it in a completely different genre.

Yeah, it’s a corny late night TV show game, but I have to say, it’s one of the more entertaining segments that Fallon does from time to time.

Anyways, Chance was tasked with putting a country rock spin on Nelly’s hit “Hot In Herre,” and… he nailed it.

I mean, it looked like he’s been waiting his whole life for someone to say, “hey Chance, can you sing a country version of ‘Hot In Herre’?”

The house band gave him a generic pop-country melody, you know the kind of water down sound you’d probably hear on country radio right now, but Chance threw a little twang in and blew the roof off.

I mean, he sounds just as good as half the shit on pop country radio right now…

The internet was LOVING it:

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