Rip Wheeler Proves Once Again Why He’s Middle America’s Heartthrob On This Week’s Episode Of ‘Yellowstone’

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Spoiler Alert…

Once again, Rip Wheeler shows why every woman in America has a fat crush on his character.

During last week’s episode of Yellowstone, we saw that Rip cracked the mind of women when he eloquently asked Beth to join them in driving cattle to the branding. And somehow, this week, he tops that moment.

Early on in the episode, as the gang embarks on their two-day journey to herd the cattle back to the ranch for the annual branding John Dutton is in awe of the beauty of the land surrounding him.

Of course, the sentimental moment couldn’t stay that way for long with Beth Dutton in the picture…

Beth makes a comment to Rip when John rides off that her definition of beauty is a meadow with a little lake in it or a creek that no one knows about except herself.

Cue Rip with the next great romantic gesture.

After a long day of riding, Rip wakes Beth up from a nap and tells her he wants to take her somewhere…that somewhere is a picture-perfect meadow that only Rip knows about. And now, Beth.

As they lay in the grass drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes, and daydreaming about the life they could build in this serene meadow, you can’t help but choke up.

It is tender to see this softer side of Beth and the effect that Rip has on her.

Fans, of course, took to Twitter to ‘ooooh and ahh’ over the moment.

Chivalry is not dead… even on the Yellowstone.

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