Georgia High School Football Team Loses State Championship On The Worst TD Call You’ve Ever Seen


Man oh man, this may be the worst call I’ve ever seen in a football game in my life.

Everybody knows that it’s every high school football players’ dream to make it to the state championship and win it all.

And for a lot of small towns, the heartbeat runs through the high school football team, and lives and dies off a good season or not.

That statement is especially true for the state of Georgia, as they’re one of the best high school football states in the country.

Cedar Grove and Sandy Creek, two high school football powerhouses in the state of Georgia, were squaring off in the 3A State Championship this past Friday, and it was a nail biter with Cedar Grove up 17-14 with under a minute left in the fourth quarter.

However, Sandy Creek was putting a drive together, and took it all the way down to the two yard line.

It was third and goal, and Sandy Creek handed it off to their running back, who OBVIOUSLY got stuffed a yard short of the end zone.

Not even close, it should be fourth and goal, right?

Nope. An incompetent referee called it a touchdown, and Cedar Grove ended up losing the game off one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

Could you imagine? You fight your ass off for a whole season, just for it all to end short of your goal of a state championship just because a referee is legally blind.

I mean, could Sandy Creek have scored on fourth down from the one yard line? Maybe, but there is absolutely no reason this should’ve been called a touchdown.

My heart goes out to Cedar Grove.

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