Fan Brawl At Arizona Coyotes Game Is One For The Ages, Cop Dives On The Pile

Fight tempe

In the world of stadium brawls, and we’ve seen a lot of them, this has got to be a Hall of Famer.

I think so…

The league leading Boston Bruins faced off with the basement-dwelling Arizona Coyotes in Tempe last night, and while the Coyotes took home a surprising victory on the ice, there were more fireworks off of it.

In a brawl for the ages, we spot a large group of people throwing hands in the first section.

Bruins fans, Coyotes fans, couple girls in the mix… we even see a girl take what appears to be an accidental punch to the face and gets right back up. Dudes are falling down the aisles, and then the best part of the entire thing…

The cops show up.

And these aren’t just your run of the mill, 90 year old grandma stadium security (who are nowhere to be found), these are real cops (although one seems to be standing there from the beginning, waiting for more backup).

While one tries to break it up more peacefully, another cop just flying in and just dives on the entire pile, separating people from the fray almost immediately.

Honestly, an impressive move from the 5-0.

And to top it all off, great color commentary from the guy filming.

Like I said… just a good old fashioned donnybrook at Mullett Arena, and one for the ages.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock