Chicken Wanders Too Far From Coop, Falls Victim To Red-Tailed Hawk

Chicken hawk

Don’t stray too far from the coop…

We’ve seen a number of videos of massive birds, like hawks or eagles, swooping in from the sky and attempting to scoop up a helpless and defenseless animal.

Hell, we even saw a mother who was in the middle of breastfeeding her child run out with her top off to save their family pet goose from getting scooped up by a bald eagle.

Sometimes, when we see videos like this, the animal is either able fight off the massive bird, or somebody is nearby to scare it away.

However, this poor chicken didn’t really stand a chance.

In the footage, you see a chicken walking out onto snow covered ground from its coop, just to get a little fresh air it appears.

But then, out of nowhere a red-tailed hawk comes flying in from nowhere, and its large talons latch onto the chicken.

Although the hawk and chicken make their way out of view, you can hear a lot of squealing and struggling as the chicken fights for its life, and all you can see is a bunch of feathers flying around as it appears that the red-tailed hawk has its way.

The caption in the post reads:

“Silkie chicken strays a little too far from her coop, red-tailed hawk makes no mistake.

That move up and over the fence, the transition twist from inverted into full on attack position.”

Yeah, this ain’t the same red-tailed hawk Alabama was singing about in “Dixieland Delight.”

Check it out:

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