Bloodthirsty Squirrel Sneak Attacks Group Of Birds On Frozen Bird Bath


When you think of natures fiercest predators, you often think of bears, wolves, and massive birds like hawks and eagles…

But never squirrels.

Squirrels typically eat any type of nuts, seeds, and fruits, and you would never think of these creatures as the kind to prey on even smaller creatures than them.

However, once the ground becomes completely covered in snow, and it becomes much more difficult to scavenge the food they rely on on a day to day basis, they’ll resort to any type of food they can get their hands on…

Even birds.

In this video, we see a group of birds gathering over a snow-covered bird bath, and appear to be trying  to get to the frozen water.

But out of nowhere, a squirrel jumps up onto the bird bath and attacks the birds, sending them into a frenzy.

Although the squirrel gets ahold of one of the birds, and feathers go everywhere, it is able to escape.

The caption from Nature Is Metal explains it all:

“Squirrels are not known for their bloodlust, and that’s because they have other ways of satisfying their hunger. By following a diet that is primarily herbivorous, they can usually accumulate enough calories without the need to murder anything. ⁣

But when food becomes scarce, or at least temporarily hidden under a thick layer of snow, all bets are off. Squirrels, along with many other wild lifeforms, can and will shift their diet to what is provided to them by nature. They are true survivalists. ⁣

As the clip slows down, you’ll see that the bird who was attacked was able to escape – All that means is that the squirrel will have to try again.”

Check it out:

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