Bighorn Sheep Pushes Young Yearling Off A Cliff For No Apparent Reason

Bighorn sheep

That was just mean.

These animals are tough and able. Out fighting off everything from predators to elements and then they even have to deal with troubles from their own kind.

Bighorn sheep are pretty cool animals. They are pure muscle from living on mountain sides. They also have some thick skulls, as they ram each other head-to-head for breeding rights.

The sound of their skulls knocking together can be heard up to a mile away.

Wildlife can be very unpredictable all of the time, it’s part of what makes getting out there and watching it so great.

An animal that is built like this and lives in some of the hardest areas to live in has to be tough, even when they are young.

In the video, a herd of sheep are seen hanging out at the top of a small cliff, as they typically do.

A young sheep slips a little bit on the steep face, before he can recover his footing a much older bighorn shoves the side of him sending him for a wild ride.

The sheep slips and tries to catch a grip but goes straight off the cliff. And while the poor thing landed on its head, it was just fine. The youngster simply began his journey back up the steep cliff.

Tough little guy.

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