Yellowstone’s Neal McDonough Says His Character Didn’t Die In Season 2: “Malcolm Beck Is Certainly Not Dead”

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Yellowstone season five is officially in full force, and we’ve made it through five episodes thus far.

There’s been a good bit unpacked so far, from John becoming governor of Montana, Kayce and Monica losing their unborn son after Monica’s brutal car wreck, Beth getting acclimated to Summer again, and of course, we’re finally getting to know Lainey Wilson’s new character, Abby.

But going back a few seasons, you may remember Malcolm Beck, played by star actor Neal McDonough, who was the shady businessman who’s fate was met at the hands of John Dutton.

With that being said, McDonough recently sat down for an interview with FOX News to discuss his relationship with Kevin Costner, and what it was like working with him on set of Yellowstone.

He shared that the two originally worked together for the first time for the 2006 film, The Guardian:

“We were both college baseball players, [so] during lunch we would take batting practice and hit balls and talk about life. I really got to know Kevin pretty well during that film. And then when I got ‘Yellowstone,’ it was just really great to see him again.

We’re very similar in so many ways. Like I’ve said to so many people when you talk about the pound-for-pound champ screen of all time, you gotta put Kevin Costner on top. I’ve been saying this forever, he’s one of those actors [who] really listens to what’s going on with the other actors and in the scene.

He does his homework. He knows everyone’s lines, not just his. And he’s so prepared that he’s always there to win. And I just love that mentality. Kevin Costner is one of the greatest in our profession, of all time. But more importantly, he’s just a great family guy and a great dad. He prides himself on that.”

And of course, he shared some eye opening input on his Yellowstone character, Malcolm Beck:

“Malcolm Beck is certainly not dead. There have been lots of discussions about how you could ever bring Malcolm back if we did. And you know… I don’t really watch any of the stuff that I do because it’s always just kind of strange for me.

The reason I don’t want to watch Malcolm Beck is that I think he would just scare the heck out of me if I watched him on screen. I can’t imagine what Malcolm Beck would be like after he comes back… and [gets] revenge against the whole Dutton family. I just think it would be fantastic television, but we’ll see.”

He also admitted that he hopes Taylor Sheridan will write him back into the show at some point:

“Taylor’s a mighty busy guy right now. And you know, [my wife] and I are so busy doing our films that I’m not sure we’ll ever have the time to… get it done.

But I certainly would love to do that for sure – get back in the saddle one more time against Kevin.”

We’ll see…

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