Two Mountain Lions Square Off In Middle Of Montana Road

Mountain Lions

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cougars are such a majestic animals. They are just one giant kitty cat coming in up to 175 pounds.

They are absolute killers, using their speed and leaping ability to take down prey at their free will. They hit hard and go straight for the throat of everything they attack, professionals if there ever was one.

Lions will generally only fight over territory. They like their space and will battle if someone is intruding in their area.

This couple came across an extraordinary event while driving across Montana.

Two mountain lions are seen having a massive brawl in the middle of the road. The pair seen going back and forth in a big cat fight, rolling around scratching, clawing and biting each other from the road down into the ditch.

The couple watch it all go down before they run off.

“My boyfriend and I were driving back to Troy from the Yaak to go to a rugby tournament.

We were on the Libby side of the drive when these two mountain lions jumped about and were either playing or fighting in the road.

They played for a couple minutes and then jumped over the guard rail and took off.”

Pretty cool, eh?


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