The 7-Foot 360-Pound Center For St. John Fisher Is BACK, & The Internet Is Loving It

The Big Cozy

If you’re a college basketball fan, then the name Connor Williams may sound familiar to you.

And if it doesn’t, then you’ll definitely recognize his 7-foot, 360 pound body, as he’s now the starting center for the St. John Fisher Cardinals, a division III school out of Rochester, New York.

Last year, he made his national TV debut against Buffalo around this exact same time, and college basketball fans across the country were in awe about how well a dude this tall and this big could even get up and down the court.

He made a sweet pass to his guy down low for the assist, and I’m pretty sure the internet broke after it happened.

Now, he’s back in action again this season, but with his newfound fame, he’s been dubbed the nickname “Big Cozy,” and has an NIL deal where he sells his own merchandise.

He made another national TV appearance last night, against Buffalo yet again…

And boy, he made a name for himself yet again.

In last night’s game, the guy hit a NBA Steph Curry range three pointer, showing off impressive touch for a guy his size.

I mean c’mon, Shaq couldn’t even hit a shot like that (no hate to Shaq, but we all know my guy couldn’t shoot a lick).

He also had himself six rebounds and two assists, ending the night with three total points.

The Cardinals may have gotten blown out by the Bulls 91-53, but nobody cares, because we got to see “Big Cozy” back in action.

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