Poker Player Fakes Wardrobe Malfunction To Try & Throw Opponents Off Their Game

Sashimi poker

Well, that’s one way to throw your fellow competitors off their game.

We all know that being mentally tough is a major part of playing sports. Opponents are going to try to get in your head as much as possible in an effort to win, and it’s up to the player to figure out if they’re gonna let them get to them or not.

But what do you do when your opponent is a woman who’s intentionally letting her melons fall out right in front of your face?

If you don’t look, that’s peak mental toughness.

That’s exactly what famous Japanese poker player Sashimi tried to do while competing on Hustler Casino Live recently.

The “wardrobe malfunction” came on “Max Pain Monday,” which is one of the events the show livestreams on Mondays (incase you couldn’t figure that out).

During the game, Sashimi slowly works her, well you know, out from underneath her shirt, and you already know that the dude sitting beside her is fighting for his life trying not to look to his right.

Some were calling it a “wardrobe malfunction,” but it’s easy to see that this was a pretty deliberate move by Sashimi.

Even the announcers weren’t buying it, saying:

“Sashimi, c’mon, please. I’m looking away from the screen right now, how about you guys? Sashimi, come on, please.”

And surprisingly enough, Sashimi admitted after the show that she was doing it all on purpose, that she was wearing a fake bodysuit, and intentionally playing a few mind games.

Bold strategy there, cotton.

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