Nicholas Jamerson Teams Up With Maggie Noelle Of Magnolia Boulevard For Bluesy Winter Jam, “I Love Blue”

Nicholas Jamerson country music
Zach Hill

Nicholas Jamerson is doing it all nowadays.

The lead singer for Sundy Best announced recently that he has an album in the works, titled Peace Mountain, and he dropped the title track for the project back in November, featuring Charles Wesley Godwin.

And on top of that, Sundy Best announced that they have an album in the works as well, titled Feel Good Country. It’ll be their first album in nearly seven years once it drops.

And now?

It appears that Jamerson is dipping his toes into the Christmas music game a bit, as he dropped a song today alongside the soulful Maggie Noelle of Magnolia Boulevard, titled “I Love Blue.”

And while it’s not exactly a Christmas song per se, it does have am unmistakable winter feeling (not to mention the cover art is a blue Christmas tree).

Although Jamerson trends more towards country, folk and Americana, he shows off his versatility in this song, getting a little jazzy and slowing it down with Magnolia Boulevard’s lead singer Maggie Noelle.

According to a press release, the song will serve as a “bluesy interlude” to the collection of songs on his upcoming solo album, Peace Mountain.

Initially, you think it’s going to be a love song, but you soon realize that it’s a couple having a deep conversation about concerns in their relationship.

Check it out:

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