Morgan Wade Joins Balenciaga Boycott With A Photo Of Herself Puking Into One Of Their Bags

Morgan Wade country music

Morgan Wade is clearly ahead of the game – and I’m not just talking about with her incredible music.

In case you’ve missed it, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has come under heavy criticism lately after they released a disgusting ad campaign showing children holding teddy bear-inspired bags dressed in bondage gear, along with photos that included satanic symbols, and a lot of other abhorrent photos with disturbing references to child sexual abuse (including a photo that included a copy of a Supreme Court decision on child pornography).

Obviously the whole thing is abhorrent, and plenty of celebrities and people all over the world have since come down on the brand for their ad campaign, with many calling for a boycott of Balenciaga altogether.

But apparently long before everybody else was throwing out their Balenciaga, Morgan Wade was throwing up into the high-end brand’s bags…literally.

The singer posted a picture on her Instagram from last year, showing herself getting car sick during a trip to London, head down and puking into a Balenciaga bag.

And now, she’s using the photo to show how she feels about Balenciaga in light of their recent scandal, adding her name to the growing list of those who will be boycotting the company’s apparel:

“Here is a photo of me a year ago, car sick in London puking into a Balenciaga bag. This photo also sums up exactly how I feel about them now. I do not support Balenciaga nor will I be wearing any of their clothing. Their actions are extremely disturbing. #boycottbalenciaga”

Morgan Wade is a national treasure, y’all. We need to protect her at all costs.

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