Man Whips A Snowball At A Big Ol’ Buck That Charged His Dog


That’s a good way to get an animal to leave.

Especially one like a deer, which are generally a very timid animal and easy enough to scare off.

Deer are one of the most harmless wildlife species out there and actually have a pretty rough go of it. They are targeted by everything that eats meat and is big enough to take one down. Then when they get away from all the predators, they get hit just trying to get across a road.

But, them having a rough go of it doesn’t mean they can’t be aggressive and nuisance themselves. We’ve seen many instances of deer getting aggressive with lots of different stuff. If they feel threatened and like they have a chance to win, you best believe they will kick.

This man came across one of these bold deer in his own backyard. A nice big buck came in close to his home and tried attacking his dog.

They got the dog away safe but the deer wouldn’t leave.

The man is seen approaching a beauty mule buck that just stares him down. He gets within range and whips a snowball right for him, hitting the buck in the kill zone.

The buck runs away as fast as it can.

What a harmless yet hilarious way to get something like this out of the yard.

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