Lainey Wilson Releases Stunning Live Perfomance Video Of “Heart Like A Truck” With University Of Nebraska Omaha Choir

Lainey Wilson country music

I didn’t know this song could sound any better.

But Lainey Wilson just proved me wrong.

She recently enlisted the help of students at the University of Nebraska Omaha to back her up on a beautiful rendition of “Heart Like A Truck,” which featured 30+ choir members, along with a pianist, a few acoustic guitars, and a drummer playing a cajon.

From her fourth studio album Bell Bottom Country“Heart Like A Truck” is her current single at country radio, which she says is about facing the tough times and coming out stronger, with a few scars as proof that only add character to who you are:

“This song right here is called ‘Heart Like A Truck.’ I wrote this song for anybody and everybody who’s been through heartbreak, hard times, hard luck.

You name it, we have all been there. But it’s about not being afraid and ashamed of the scratches and the dents and the bumps along the way.

And instead be proud of it, ‘cuz that’s exactly what makes you who you are.”

Per the usual, Lainey’s vocals sound absolutely perfect here, and the backing choir sounds incredible as support. I love the depth this gives the song, and it almost adds a gospel-like touch to what I hope will be her next #1 hit.

I’d love to get a live version of this to add to my playlist, and it’s a perfect way to close out what has been an absolutely incredible year for Lainey, which also included her Yellowstone debut:

“Heart Like A Truck”

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